Emerging Technology

We adapt old legal frameworks for a new digital frontier.

Mark Sternberg, Attorney PLLC
Mark Sternberg specializes in virtual and augmented reality in addition to other emerging technologies.

Mark Sternberg currently advises a variety of industry professionals, from:

  • Creators
  • Developers
  • Festivals
  • Distributors

His legal services include:

  • Bespoke contracts and agreements
  • Copyright registrations
  • Trademark registrations
  • Advising on company formation

As a technical producer and professional consultant on award-winning and internationally acclaimed experiences in the extended reality (XR)* industry, Mark is uniquely situated as an attorney intimately familiar with the XR development process. Mark speaks regularly on XR production, has spoken on the subject of law as it applies to XR specifically, and has served as lead VR director and curator for festivals.

*XR includes virtual and augmented reality